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Qualities of a Joy Centered Life

What do you think of when you think of a Joy Centered Life?  What qualities would you list if you were planning out how your life that is completely centered around joy would look?

I’ll get this started and then we can all contribute.  Remember we are here to collaborate.  If you read my story about how my former husband was so bound and determined to be an island and what it cost both of us, then you know that having others witness and work with you is the new paradigm for healing and for life!

My Joy List
My Joy List

Here’s my list in a random order since later we’ll revisit and determine what’s most important to us in that moment.  It may be different than today.  There could be things on your list that weren’t there today and some things that right now seem to be worth the world to you, they could actually be gone. Or at least less important.

Health, Love, Money, Energy, Joy, Gratitude, Comfort, Playfulness, Life, Wonder, Fulfillment, Relationships, Presence, Divine Light, Wealth, Passion, Compassion, Sweetness, Openness, Acceptance, Receiving

Today those are the qualities that I feel embody a joy centered life.   What are yours?