Anxiety Buster

“Anxiety is the thief of joy!” 


~ Gwen Lepard, Founder and Chief Joy Officer of Joy Centered Life

If you’ve found this page, there is a good chance you, like over 40 Million others, suffer from some form of anxiety.  And that statistic is only for the US!

On this page, you’ll find a few statistics and signs that it is anxiety that you are experiencing.  I’ll share the story of my first panic attack, my qualifications to help you with yours and present you with the solution that I’ve developed using training in a number of holistic methods and the real-life experience of living with anxiety myself.  You’ll also find the common triggers of anxiety and the benefits of experiencing an Anxiety Buster phone session with me.

Hi, my name is Gwen Lepard and yes, I’ve lived with anxiety and I’ve found solutions!  When I founded Joy Centered Life, my goal was to bring more joy to the world.  The things that I found in the way of that joy were anxiety, fear, worry, overwhelm and I recognized myself in my clients and those I’d see suffering.  I decided that with all my training in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Hypnotherapy, EFT, Success Strategies, Quantum Jumping and many other holistic and alternative forms of massage and physical healing modalities that there must be something I could do to help.  I’ll let you know about that a little later on.
Imagine walking into a room and feeling comfortable walking up to total strangers and introducing yourself.  Go beyond that and see yourself having a meaningful conversation.  Perhaps for you, it would be being able to get on stage and give a presentation with ease, grace and without the armpits of your shirt being soaked in fear sweat.  See yourself as the confident, calm and composed person you’d like to be.  It is completely possible!  Continue reading to find out more…

I’ll be sharing my first panic attack with you in just a bit, first though, I promised you symptoms of anxiety so here you go:

What are the signs that it is anxiety that you’re feeling?  There are a number of different disorders lumped under anxiety and there is one symptom that is common to all.  It is persistent or severe fear or worry in situations where most people wouldn’t feel threatened. It’s normal to have some anxiety in new, stressful and challenging situations and it is also possible to be able to approach those situations with calmness, confidence and even joy that makes everyone around you more joyful and relaxed.  This is something that we can focus on in an Anxiety Buster session.  Let’s get back to those symptoms.

Physical Symptoms of Anxiety:

  • Not being able to sleep
  • Sweating
  • Headaches
  • Pounding heart
  • The Jitters
  • Wanting to leave a situation
  • Stomach upset
  • Dizziness
  • Having trouble getting a breath
  • Frequent urination or diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Headaches
  • Muscle tension
  • Tremors and twitches

Emotional Symptoms of Anxiety:

      • Irrational and excessive fear and worry
      • Anticipating the worst
      • Watching for signs of danger
      • Feeling like your mind’s gone blank
      • Irritability and restlessness
      • Feeling tense and jumpy
      • Trouble concentrating
      • Feelings of apprehension or dread

You can also ask yourself these questions:

Do you feel like danger and catastrophe are around every corner?
Are you constantly tense, worried, or on edge?
Do you experience sudden, unexpected attacks of heart-pounding panic?
Are you plagued by fears that you know are irrational, but can’t shake?
Do you believe that something bad will happen if certain things aren’t done a certain way?
Do you avoid everyday situations or activities because they cause you anxiety?
Do you hold your body tight prepared for the next “blow”?
Does your anxiety interfere with your work, school, or family responsibilities?

How does anxiety show up in your life?  Which of those symptoms or questions resonates most with you?  STOP and know that there are natural healthy alternatives to experiencing your anxiety.  I’m not a doctor but I am a highly trained and experienced NLP Master Practitioner and have many other tools and techniques to help you naturally.  I’ll get to more details on the Anxiety Buster and the benefits of going that route after I share my story with you.  Thank you for reading along…

I know anxiety comes in different levels of intensity for different reasons and situations. Regardless, there are tools that you can employ that can be used for years to come to relieve yourself of that anxiety. My purpose is to give you tools and techniques to use for relief from the anxiety, overwhelm and limiting beliefs that have held you back from authentically living your purpose, performing at your best and living a more joyful life.

I’ve also experienced anxiety and panic attacks.   I’ve experienced the sensation of breaking into a cold sweat with my heart feeling like it was pounding out of my chest.  I’d struggle to catch my breath and get that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.  There were times I even felt to the point of being paralyzed like I couldn’t move even if my life depended on it. I would have the feeling of needing to find a safe place and a panic-driven need to leave where the trigger of the anxiety was located and yet be frozen like a rabbit in the headlights of an oncoming car.

Being a woman in the public eye as an entrepreneur, there have been plenty of moments when I have been grateful for the tools I’ve gathered along the way to combat my own anxiety.

LasVEGASI remember my first full-on panic attack. It started out as a joyful trip to Las Vegas with a man that I had been dating for about six months. On this trip we were to meet each other’s families that in itself providing a little stress.

We planned a stop at a three-star hotel in Salt Lake City. Now for this little country girl from Montana, a three-star hotel and its valet service was something I had never experienced before. My anxiety started when I realized the valet was going to handle parking our car. The car was piled with “stuff” and SaltLakeCityI was fearful of handing the car over to the valet. “Would our stuff be safe?” I was embarrassed and ashamed that the valet would see the disorder and disarray in the car.

I was feeling exposed and vulnerable and not dealing with it well. The man I was dating reassured me that all would be well and we left our belongings with the bellman as we went up to our room to wait for our baggage including my little bag full of all my beading supplies to arrive.

We waited, and waited and waited and the longer we waited the more anxious I became. As the minutes moved past the half hour mark, my heart started to pound and I felt my fear go through the roleopardjewelryboxof. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. My stomach was tied in a knot so tight I needed to bend over around it. I was afraid our bags would never get to us, that someone had taken my beads and even though it seems silly all these years later, I was afraid that my life would be totally ruined and not worth living if that little box of beads didn’t make it to our door.

An hour later my man friend finally called down about our luggage. He discovered the cart had been tucked into a corner and forgotten. They apologized and brought the bags right up. That was my first anxiety attack. There have been many more. My own experience with combatting anxiety made me seek out solutions. The same solutions I now use with my own clients.

with Les Brown
with Michael Beckwith

Today, I have created a life full of new friends and surround myself with positive people who share my vision of a kinder more joyful world. I’ve met amazing speakers, like Les Brown and world shifters, like Dr. Michael Beckwith. I have love in my life and when I’m out speaking or sharing on my radio show, I am building the support that I’ve always wanted. When I think of where I’ll be in 5 years, know that it will be more amazingly fantastic than I can imagine from where I am right now. And I now regularly park in valet and allow the bellman to take my bags with complete confidence.  You can have the kind of life you dream of too!

Thank you for reading my story.  It is my work to bring more joy in your life and eliminating anxiety is a great step in the right direction.  It is something I love to do. It’s part of my mission to create more joy on earth. As an anxiety sufferer myself, I know how much it helps to have someone that can get right to the core of what’s going on and clear it in a matter of moments. I do that in what I call my “Anxiety Busters”.

anxietyBusterWhat is an Anxiety Buster?

The Anxiety Buster is a short phone session where we target a specific cause of anxiety and clear it up on the spot.  If you know that you have a specific trigger it makes this form of anxiety relief quick and lasting.  For example, you get a call on Friday afternoon, just before 5pm and there’s bad news.  You can’t do anything about it until Monday morning and find yourself worrying about it all weekend long.  This would be a perfect use of an Anxiety Buster session. Perhaps you have a form of recurring anxiety and you’re pretty certain of the cause.  It could be every time you look at your bills or when you go out to meet new people or a job interview, dating… Put yourself  here, what triggers you?  Say you don’t know what to do about it.  Whatever it is that sends you into that icky, stomach churning, jaw clenching, breath holding, nail biting spiral… We can discover it and banish it together in an Anxiety Buster phone session.   Now imagine what your life will be like and you’ll know that this could be a great solution for you.

You’re now easily meeting new people, your bills are only paper reminders and you are confidently yourself in that next dating situation.

I can hear you saying, “what if it doesn’t work?”  In my experience, every time I work with clients, including the Anxiety Buster sessions, we always get a positive result.  I am there as your guide by the side and we will make sure that the anxiety you’ve come to bust is bustable in one short session.  We will discover what is the best use of our time together and get you a result that leads you out of anxiety and into joy.  If there is more there and you’d like more joy and support we can talk about multiple sessions which are available below.

You might be wondering if you really have anxiety.  “It’s not so bad,” you may think and maybe you don’t experience the symptoms from above.  You may just feel overwhelmed or stressed out…  Look through the list of events and triggers below to see if you can put yourself in the picture.  If you do, then perhaps some relief from any of these triggers or around a specific occasion would benefit you in a way that you hadn’t thought of before.  We’ll get to that list in a moment…

Even if you feel like you’re managing the stress, overwhelm and anxiety in your life you will find one of these sessions valuable like Candace Conradi did:

Candace Conradi
Candace Conradi

“Even when we feel we are managing the stress of our life well, underneath the surface we can unknowingly feel anxious about the challenges we face. My session with Gwen Lepard showed me that there is a way to combat the anxiety of the unknown by taking time to reframe the challenges of life. With Gwen I became relaxed and found the breath I had been unknowingly (and anxiously) holding. More importantly, I was reminded of one very important fact: that “This too shall pass.” Gwen’s masterful, loving approach brought me some peace in the chaos of what had been a tough week. Deeply grateful for her expertise and experience … and her loving heart.”

~ Candace Conradi, Author, Coach & Speaker

If you feel a need to regain your clarity, achieve relaxation and calm, while reclaiming your confidence and relieving anxiety, stress or overwhelm, then the Anxiety Buster will serve you well.

You’re still reading so now, as promised, a list of common anxiety causing occurrences…

Specific Events and Anxiety Triggers:

What gives you anxiety?
What gives you anxiety?
  • Stress around money
  • Worry about health, your own or a loved one
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Worry about relationships (whether you have one or not)
  • How are your children doing? Are they safe? Are they happy?
  • Tests
  • Job interviews
  • Loss of a job
  • Dating
  • Meeting new people
  • Networking
  • Picking up the phone to call prospects
  • Seeing the doctor
  • Having a conversation about something that bothers you

What can you add to the list? What is your biggest trigger or stressor that if you could bust it out in under 30 minutes, your life would be so much better and you would experience a freedom that you’ve been missing for a long time? What anxiety do you want me to help you bust?

While you’re thinking about what specifically you’d like relief from, I’d like to share another testimonial from Todd Creager, who’s making the world safe for love.

Todd Creager
Todd Creager

“I had the pleasure of experiencing an anxiety reduction session with “Joy” Gwen. I am in the “field” of emotional wellbeing as well and I can tell you that I discriminate between people who say that do this work and people who are gifted.  “Joy” Gwen is one of those gifted coaches who will help you get the results you want. I brought up a lifelong anxiety trigger that she helped me with in less than a half hour! I highly recommend her!

As a follow up, I wanted to let you know that the lifelong anxiety trigger was around my blood pressure, in part the “white coat” syndrome and I’m happy to say that after working with “Joy” Gwen and using the techniques she shared with me my blood pressure at the doctors was 120/80. “I’m grateful for my health and my evolution as a person which you now have been a part of.”
(714) 848-2288

 Many people, when they hear what I do, end up remembering Joy and call me that instead of Gwen.  It makes me smile and Todd is one of those individuals.  It gives me great joy to receive the testimonials like the one earlier from Candace Conradi, Todd Creager’s and this one from powerful mentor, Marla Diann.

Marla Diann Dennis

“Anxiety and stress hits us all on a daily basis. The trick is what tools do we use and how do we shift the contraction energy to expansive. Gwen Lepard is your go-to-expert for anxiety relief and tools. I just had a session with her today which made a significant difference in how I felt and I walked away with stress solutions from her guided meditation. Highly recommend her “Anxiety Buster” intro session. Your heart, mind and soul will thank you.”

~ Marla Diann, Founder Embrace Your Spotlight

Founder and creator of Embrace Your Spotlight, Marla Diann mentors and coaches high achieving entrepreneurs how to create or reinvent a compelling brand with an innovative business model and a healthy money relationship that generates leads and clients.

Benefits you receive from an Anxiety Buster: 

  • Quick Relief
  • Relaxation
  • Calm
  • Clarity
  • Confidence

Getting your life back from the persistent worry about whatever’s been bothering you is one of the benefits I see most often.

Gwen Lepard

Gwen Lepard 
Anxiety Relief Specialist
Master Healer – Speaker
Featured Author “Pure Genius”
Co-Author Best Seller
“The Gratitude Book Project”
Joy Authority
Master NLP Practitioner
Master Hypnotherapist
Award Winning Radio Personality

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