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Freedom from Sorry

Blog Post July 1, Freedom from Sorry!

fireworksWelcome to July! When you think of July, what are the images that spring to mind? For me, I’m watching and hearing the fireworks and even though it’s an every night thing here in the summer, I always feel the awe in how beautiful a creation made from flash and bang… I remember watching the fireworks at the fair when I was a kid and we’d be right under them.
You’d always be bumping into people because everyone’s eyes where focused up and what would you hear…

“I’m sorry”, you’ve heard it a thousand times, most likely a thousand thousand times and said it as many yourself. What is it that compels us to utter these words repeatedly? Is it just being polite? That’s what one friend said when I asked her to choose her words more wisely. She was confused. “What’s wrong with saying I’m sorry,” she asked. With those words she got me started…

One of the things that I changed that gave me the freedom to be myself, was to almost completely remove the expression, “I’m sorry” from my vocabulary. Prior to that shift in awareness I was locked in the chains of victimhood.

Whenever we use the words I am, we are creating. I’m is a contraction of these words and holds almost as much power. In fact, I believe it is more insidious than the full form of I am. The reason is, that you’re most likely not even aware of what you’ve been saying and the programing in your brain, your unconscious mind, is soaking it up.

i_am_sorryIf you’re saying I’m or I am sorry, you are creating a beingness of sorry! Let’s quickly look at a definition of sorry. In it’s origin, it means pained or distressed coming from the base word, sore and within that root word has a connection with sorrow. A person who is sorry is sad and self-pitying. Another definition is unpleasant and regrettable. Is that really the message you want to send to the part of yourself that is in charge of taking care of your wellbeing? Just think, this creative protective part of you is your servant and is giving you back exactly what you program into it!

Now, let’s get into what I said about the words I am and how using them in our language creates. Recently, I was listening to Dr. Wayne Dyer and what he had to say about the I AM completely resonated with me.

IAMDr. Dyer says we must be very conscious of how we use the words “I AM”. Where did they come from? What do they mean? He tells the story of Moses, from when he was adopted by the Pharaoh’s daughter to the meeting with God in the “Burning Bush” and Moses’s conversation about bringing the children of Israel out of Egypt.

When Moses asks God what shall I say to the children of Israel?” God says to Moses “I AM that I AM” and he said “You shall say to the children of Israel ‘I AM has sent me to you. This is my name for ever and this is my memorial to all generations.’”

Dr. Dyer says that every single time you use the words “I AM” you are using the name of God! Right from the holiest books. And every time you say the words “I am weak, I am poor, I am unlucky, I am unhappy, I am sick, I am sorry, I am unable to attract in my life what I want, you are desecrating the name God.”

I share the above because Dr. Wayne Dyer put it so perfectly! For me, my days as a highly religious person, stuck in dogma, went by the wayside in my teens. That said, I am highly spiritual and love God, the Universe and our Mother, G.U.M. as I call it. (However, that is a subject for another post.) I am very connected to Source and Spirit and God and speak with God within daily. None of this would be possible for me if I were still stuck in… “sorry”.

This month being the month we celebrate Freedom in the USA, I challenge you to free yourself from “sorry”! There are other things that you can say. For example: “Pardon me” if you bumped into someone or “Excuse me” also works. Sometimes just a simple, “Oops”. If someone is sharing some challenge, trouble or problem you can say, “That’s unfortunate. Is there anything I can do to help?” That is, if you truly have a desire to help.

There is an element of expressing regret in the words, “I’m sorry” and an unconscious request for forgiveness. Try this and see what happens. When someone says I’m sorry to me I respond with either, “Totally cool”, which keeps it in the positive. And then there is my favorite thing to say which is, “You’re forgiven.” 97 percent of the time when I say that, it results in a double take and laughter. That creates an opportunity to ask what was really behind the “I’m sorry”. Usually, it is an involuntary reaction and completely unconscious.

By bringing awareness to the pattern and giving them a break from it, if only for a moment, I know when their ready for their freedom, it will blossom into transformation. Since positive transformation is what I’m all about, I love it.

fireworks_183037Wrapping up, again I challenge you to look at how much you use the words “I’m sorry” and in what context. Try some of the subtle changes I shared above and notice the results. If you find anything you’d like to share with me. I’d love to read your comments below. It’s July, enjoy the fireworks and give yourself the gift of freedom from sorry… Until next time, be well and be joyful!

Qualities of a Joy Centered Life

What do you think of when you think of a Joy Centered Life?  What qualities would you list if you were planning out how your life that is completely centered around joy would look?

I’ll get this started and then we can all contribute.  Remember we are here to collaborate.  If you read my story about how my former husband was so bound and determined to be an island and what it cost both of us, then you know that having others witness and work with you is the new paradigm for healing and for life!

My Joy List
My Joy List

Here’s my list in a random order since later we’ll revisit and determine what’s most important to us in that moment.  It may be different than today.  There could be things on your list that weren’t there today and some things that right now seem to be worth the world to you, they could actually be gone. Or at least less important.

Health, Love, Money, Energy, Joy, Gratitude, Comfort, Playfulness, Life, Wonder, Fulfillment, Relationships, Presence, Divine Light, Wealth, Passion, Compassion, Sweetness, Openness, Acceptance, Receiving

Today those are the qualities that I feel embody a joy centered life.   What are yours?